Mini Vegetarian Moussaka

19 Oct

I’ve been in a really indecisive mood trying to choose what to cook for a dinner party tonight. Normally, a quick search of the internet brings up some good ideas but nothing inspired me this week.

In the end I decided to make a vegetarian starter – none of my guests is vegetarian but I”m doing roast lamb for the main course so I thought a contrast would be nice!

I tried finding a recipe but couldn’t find one I really liked so I invented my own!

I’m afraid the quantities are a bit vague but I think that’s part of the fun of cooking like this. My aim is to make 7 ramekin size portions so I started by measuring out 3 ramekins of red lentils into a pan, covering with water and cooking for about 10 minutes (the lentils will absorb the water – add more if it looks too dry and don’t let it stick to the pan).

While that’s cooking, chop a couple of onions and sweat gently in oil – I’m using sun dried tomatoes as well so use some of the oil from the jar of tomatoes.

Finely chop a few sun dried tomatoes (you need about 2 tomato “chunks” per person to get a good flavour) and then mix the cooked lentils with the onions and tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and spice to taste (I added some chilli powder and ginger powder and some ground black pepper). Dollop into the ramekin so it’s not quite full.

Slice some large tomatoes and place a slice of tomato on top of the mix – that can now go in the fridge until later.

When you’re ready to serve, slice an aubergine (you want discs, ideally the size of the ramekin). Fry the discs with a very little oil until they’re soft (only a couple of minutes; turn part way through).

While they’re cooking, slice some mozzarella – you want circles, again about the size of the ramekin. Cover the lentil and tomato with aubergine, put mozzarella on the top and put in the oven at about 100C-150C just to keep warm and to let the cheese melt.


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