Iceland – day 1

29 May

We flew with Icelandair from Heathrow to Keflavik; the flight left an hour late but we made good time and arrived just 30 minutes late. We were met at the airport by our Trex coach and driver. I can’t spell his name but it’s pronounced “Yoey” (rhymes with Joey) who has turned out to be an amazing asset – a good driver, with a huge knowledge of the country, a good command of English and a willingness to get stuck in with every aspect of our holiday!

The Blue Lagoon

Steamy waters

From the airport we made our way to The Blue Lagoon This is a huge outdoor pool with geothermally heated water and it’s blue because the silica (basically very fine sand in the water) refracts the light and makes it blue. It’s a fabulous place; the water is mineral rich which means that even if you can’t swim, you can just float around in the pool and even at it’s deepest it only comes up to chest height so you can easily walk around. There are also saunas and steam rooms if you want a little more warmth.

Iceland can be a cold place (the clue is in the name!) so a good tip is to not go out through the main door from the changing room. Instead, get in the small pool by the door and then go through the door at the far side of the pool; this way you stay in the warm water and the cold air is not quite such a shock!

My photos of the Blue Lagoon are here

From there we made our way to Hotel Dyrholaey just outside Vik. We arrived quite late in the evening but sunset in Iceland at the end of May is after 2300 so at least the drive was in daylight. The hotel proved to be lovely – the staff were charming and very helpful and the accomodation perfect for our needs.


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