Arriving in Cairo

8 Mar

This time last week I was just arriving at Cairo airport. First impressions were good – it’s a clean, modern looking airport and the immigration process was straight forward. Once I’d got into the main arrivals hall I felt at home immediately – the cab drivers who pestered me could easily have been at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire! I found the stand for my pre-booked cab and had to wait a few minutes and was entertained by another driver telling me poor jokes (think “fork handles” type jokes) Eventually we left the airport and headed into town, quickly picking up the ring road.

The ring road is a good main road with 4 lanes. The fun thing about Cairo traffic is that the white lines on the road are just there for decoration – they don’t actually indicate where you should drive and as the traffic gets busier it simply moves closer together to give 5 lanes of traffic. Vehicles don’t stay in lane, however, but move wildly across the road, dashing into any gap. Add to this the fun that happens when a mini-bus stops to pick up or set down passengers and it’s quite an exciting business. More chaos was introduced when a mini-bus had broken down and was being pushed (at some speed!) along the motorway.

Eventually the driver made it to the hotel ( and I could relax!

The swimming pool area and a view of the pyramids from the roof terrace.

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