25 Sep

This weekend saw the Real Food Festival on London’s Southbank – – some good and varied food there and plenty of old favourites. I had a rather nice mackerel bap; perhaps an odd way to eat fried fish but it tasted good. I should have remembered the name of the stall but it linked to whichi is trying to get people eating some of the less common fish. Fried mackerel is really good and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have fried mackerel instead of fried cod and there’s lots of mackerel out there.

I also tried whitebait; I’ve never tried them before because I don’t really like fish bones and as you eat them whole I always assumed they’d be bony. Now I know they’re not! I’d guess they’re just so small that there’s not much bone there.

We wandered quite a way down the river and by Tower Bridge we found a mountain biker stunt team. The 2 riders were pretty amazing; I can’t even balance on a bike but they not only balance on the bike, they do it while the bike’s on a steel rod and much more besides. Some photos –

I’ve been cooking soups this week – it’s great fun to just take a load of different veg and make soup. There are plenty of recipes on the web but I’ve decided that just experimenting can work pretty well. For example, I was going to make carrot and coriander soup but didn’t have any coriander. I do, howver, have Rosemary growing on the balcony so that went in instead. Rosemary goes pretty well with carrots so that’s a soup I’ll make again.

Still experimenting, I thought I’d make a meatloaf this evening. I’d guess they’re normally made from beef (at least, I think I’ve mostly used beef before) but I didn’t have any. I did have 500g of chicken breast in the fridge so I used that instead. A couple of onions, some garlic, the chicken and a tin of chick peas all went in the food processor. The resulting mush then went in a loaf tin with a layer of halved cherry tomatoes in the bottom to make it look good when it came out.

The experiment kind of worked; the meat loaf tastes good but it doesn’t look that brilliant. The tomatoes are home grown and taste brilliant but they’re yellow and that doesn’t look very interesting next to the white chicken. The other small problem was that I mushed it up too much in the food processor; I think it would have been better to have a much coarser texture. Still I can always eat it in the dark – it’s not yet October but it’s pitch dark by dinner time!

Chicken Meatloaf

Photographing it with a flash makes it look even whiter!


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